April 1


Top 20 Hilarious Computer Repair Rage Comics

By Casey

April 1, 2018

After scouring the far reaches of the interwebs for computer repair rage comics, here are our top 20 favorites. Enjoy!

Have You Tried Restarting It?


Yeah I have Yahoo


All The Windows Are Shut


Transferring Files With A Mouse


Attach The Internet To An Email


How Much Will My Computer Weigh After The Transfer Of Files?


It Doesn’t Have A Cup Holder


The Screen Saver Fell Off


Are You Done Yet?


Since You Are Here…


40 Agents Are Unable To Log Into Their Phones


Thanks For Fixing The Printer


Are You Good With Computers?


I Didn’t Think It Was Important


Why Did You Disconnect Your Printer Again?


Are The Numbers Uppercase Or Lowercase?


Where Are My Backup Files?


Press F5


It’ll All Be Over Soon


I Saved It From The Fire


Please share links to your favorites in the comments below!

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