What is Financial Independence Plan B?

Whereas a traditional investment plan tends to focus on the monetary investment itself, Financial Independence Plan B is a holistic approach that focuses on your entire life as an investment.
What if your financial plan looked like this?

Financial Independence Plan B Floppy Disk
Invest In Yourself

Step 1. Invest in Yourself

All good plans begin with you. Investing in yourself is a great way to begin your journey to financial independence. This can be as simple as taking a course or learning a new skill.

Side Hustle

Step 2. Start a Side Hustle

Wouldn't it be nice to have one or more additional income streams? Side hustles are great ways to generate extra income in your spare time.

Eliminate Bad Debt

Step 3. Eliminate Bad Debt

Getting rid of unnecessary debt is key to reducing stress and freeing yourself up financially to do what you want. A good financial plan can help you tackle this.

Alternative Investment Portfolio

Step 4. Start an Alternative Investment Portfolio

The stock market doesn't have to be your only investment strategy. What if you could take some of the extra income produced by your side hustle and put that into an alternative investments that could potentially outperform the stock market? 

Live a Meaningful Life

Step 5. Live a Meaningful Life

Studies show that helping others is one of the keys to happiness. What if your investment plan included helping others?

Leave a Legacy

Step 6. Leave a Legacy

What if after you are gone people are still impacted by the legacy you leave? A good financial plan takes this into account.

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